Toename in sterftekans in eerste drie weken na vaccinatie – onderzoek Meester, Aukema en Schetters

Ronald Meester, Wouter Aukema, and Theo Schetters

In this note, we report about the results of a statistical investigation into the relation
between vaccination against COVID-19 and the mortality rates in the three weeks
after vaccination, in the age groups 12 – 65, 65 – 80 and 80+ respectively in The
Netherlands. We investigate whether the observed mortality during this period can
be better explained by the expected mortality as computed similarly to the method of
the CBS (Statistics Netherlands), or by a scenario in which vaccination leads to a
small increase in the mortality in the three weeks following the vaccination. We found
that in the cohort 12 – 65, the two scenarios predict the actual data roughly equally
well, but for the cohort 65 – 80, the second scenario explains the data much better. In
the 80+ cohort, there is a difference between men and women: for men, the second
scenario explains the data much better, but for women the contrary is the case. We
discuss the interpretation of these results, and conclude that they urgently call for
further investigations into the effects of vaccination, and publication of the possible
risks of vaccination against COVID-19.

Download hier deze paper

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