Graphene Oxide injected into people through Pfizer-vaccine?

In an Italian video published on June 12, 2021 we can see a person who has had two pfizer vaccines being tested with an electromagnetic measurement device. It is shown that in the brain there are several sites that produce an electromagnetic field. This is on top of a number of magnets that simply stick to the forehead of that particular woman. Take a look at the video at (1).

Another frightening finding seems to be that the electromagnetism that is produced is related to signals coming from outside. As if this magnetism can be activated through radiation from outside of the body.

Ricardo Delgado Martin in this video talks about graphene oxide which has the possibility to create these kinds of effects: perhaps the nano-lipids manage to get these graphene oxide into the brain as if they were a kind of Trojan horse passing through the blood-brain-barrier.

THey sure look alike, don’t they? Watch the video from which this photograph was taken (2)

On July 7, the word on the possibility of graphene oxide being an adjuvant in the pfizer-vaccin spread to the Global Research site (3). There you can see Dr. Jane Ruby talk about graphene oxide and the disastrous effects it can have when it enters the cell with the assistance of the lipid nanoparticles. I referred to this video already in the context of ‘Magnetofaction’ (4).

Dr. Ruby refers to a Spanish research article that studied a pfizer-vaccine and found an immense amount of graphene oxide (99%) vs about 1% of mRNA. Take a look at the interim-report from June 28, 2021 at (5). You can also download it by pressing the download button here:

Update July 8. Take a look at the site Orwell City – It contains various videos and interviews by scientists on the discovery of Graphene Oxide in the vaccins (6).

Update July 10, 2021: In a Dutch article it was suggested that graphene oxide can be removed by the body through the enzyme myeloperoxidase. You would be able to increase the amount of this enzyme by….drinking alchohol (7)

Update September 2, 2021: An interesting white paper on ‘Nanotechnological Investigations on Covid-19 vaccines’ can be read at (8). For the Dutch audience the EllaSter-article on Graphene Oxide is definitely enlightening (9).


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