Elon Musk, Starlink and the Collapse of the Deep State

You think this is coincidence?

/// Been saying.. MUSK ] INFILTRATION [ triple agent over the past years.. Played many sides… But EVENTtually the satellites he put up is going to be used for >>>[ DECLAS ]<<< ( and it’s already being used concurrently with Mil. Intelligence Space Force operations …

Why do think one of TRUMP’s final Duty/ PLAN/ placed Space Force into the U.S Intelligence Community >>>>> And who do you think is pulling the strings >> EZRA< “Today’s change aligns our newest service with the other members of the Defense Intelligence Enterprise and will help ensure our efforts are coordinated and synchronized across all domains of warfare,” said Ezra Cohen, acting Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security.

UN NATO DAVOS OBAMA HRC CIA DOJ >ALL COUNTRIES WHO COLLUDED IN THE UKRAINE SCANDAL can not hide nor destroy servers, data, erase E-Mail, calls, texts.>Evidence<<< +It’s all been collected KRAKEN/>>Operation Odin< [ DECLASS] on the



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