How to Weaken the Human Mind

In a very interesting book we can hear a highly placed member of the Freemasonry talk about the ways they control the minds of the masses. Here’s an excerpt:

“We are well aware of both the influence and the terrible impact of such suggestions on the emotional nature of humans. We do know that evil suggestions destroy the harmonious energy stuctures of the aura and bring about a subtle form of stress at a psychical level. We also know that they lower the frequency of positive perceptions and affect the beneficial intentions of humans. These perfectly serve our intentions as they exhaust people, diffuse their attention, weaken their alert mind and blur the farsightedness of their spirit.” (pp.134-135)

“Basically, the task is not that difficult since the masses’ vigilance is already weakened by other strategies that we have been succesfully applying for a while: evryday work routine, TV programs structured so as to inoculate a passive attitude in people’s subconscious with lack of reaction of discrimination, chemical food, drugs and all kinds of diseases.” (p.152)

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