From Novatek to Novastar with one sock to Miami

An Italian company Nuovo Pignone was brave enough to withstand the evil sanctions by the American Empire and made a deal with the Russian company Novatek (1). This was possible because they were not wearing the same socks, so to speak (2).

In other words, ever since 2014 Novatek was able to evade the sanctions because they were trading in euros and not in the currency of the Americans, what was the name again, oh yes, the dollar.

“Where did we go wrong?” is a wonderful song by the Belgian singer working under the name of Novastar. This song below is stemming from 2010, when, I guess, there were no sanctions at all aimed at Russia.

Was it somewhere along this trip to Miami?


(2) Scene from the video ‘Wrong’ by Novastar in 2010.