Netflix and Spotify – You will Own Nothing and be Happy – Build Back Better

This renowned slogan of the Build Back Better Philosophy propagated by Mr. World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, might already be closer than you think.

Is it not the case that many people are removing their collection of CD’s and DVD’s for they don’t want to own their own music or movies any longer?

They trust big companies like Netflix, Amazon, Disney and Spotify to take care of their movies and music. Why would you own anything when you can access it through a subscription by major companies? Of course it is very attractive, modern, fast and comfortable, but in a way you support the concept op ‘You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy‘. The logical consequence of being completely dependent on big suppliers is hardly taken into consideration.

What if these companies decide that certain movies are not ‘woke’ enough, or are not suitable for the audience any longer? What if certain artists are considered not proper? Why not delete them from their databases? If you believe censorship by Big Tech is unlikely, you have not been paying a lot of attention the last couple of years šŸ˜‰