Hunter Biden and the Fall of the Deep State?

CABLES> inside the Hunter BIDEN laptop is a blue print of the World Agenda [DS] Plan to create a fake PANDEMIC/ kill humans/ All the Deep State presidents/ prime ministers and Elites..from oil companies, to world BANKS to Major media outlets to Bill Gates> Ukraine INFILTRATION by the DNC and around the world corruption connected to HRC. OBAMA> BIDEN< JACK MAXEY is already telling friends and close high Level players…

The Bidens just love Ukraine

> The BIDEN laptop is much bigger than the 2020 stolen ELECTION! MAXEY’s I.T Team top cyber forensics experts at Maryman & Associates examined the hard drive to determine its authenticity The firm’s founder, Brad Maryman, was a 29-year veteran of the FBI, served as a Chief Information Security Officer and founded the bureau’s cyber forensics unit. His partner, Dr. Joseph Greenfield, is an associate professor at the University of Southern California and helped write their degree program in intelligence and cyber operations. After an extensive analysis of the hard drive, Greenfield and Maryman produced a report for detailing their findings.

‘The operating system timestamps appear to be authentic, and no evidence was found to suggest that the timestamps or data were altered or manufactured,’ the report said. ‘No indications were found that would suggest the data was manufactured.’ ___ MAXEY has stated to several friends.. All DELETED DATA photos videos on the computer and hard drive were found and fully restored….. > Including All the pedophilia >DEEP STATE WORLD AGENDA and evidence connecting world officials and organizations ____ I reported last year.. The laptop went into the hands of Military courts and they have everything already backed up and stored

/// What your watching now is the movie where everything [ DECLASS ] IS HAPPENING >KEEP YOUR EYES TO DELAWARE= HUNTER Biden in hidden secret court with family testifying against him ( its Reported that Hunter is operating with the investigations and coming indictments > CORN POP<)// DELAWARE>WHERE HUNTER BIDENS LAPTOP WAS DISCOVERED DELAWARE> VISA > MASTERCARD are shutoff from Russia Banks ( but the mainstream media is saying the opposite)///

> if you don’t know already… Over 3 BILLION people across the EARTH just went into the new Gold Back system the Whites HATS have put in place thru CHINA, RUSSIA, > INDIA and Saudi Arabia and many other Asian countries are now trading on the Gold back SYSTEM…(within 72 hours the system was running great


)/// > GASARA begins…. The [COLLAPSE ] of the DEEP STATE Central Banking SYSTEM in free fall


… Everything your watching is connected…. ____ [DURHAM] Durham boats cross the > DELAWARE> 1776 —————————————— You have more than you know Q