Saudi Arabia, Q, Iran & Parkes

I was one of those people who were sitting on the edge of their seat on January 20, 2021, hoping for the military to finally arrest a key bunch of the Deep State. Why else would there have been so much military involved, and even the military brigade mentioned in a related Q-post from june 2020 was present? But as you all know there was no arrest and many Q-followers lost their faith, at least for a while.

During these times I followed Simon Parkes, and I still watch his updates. In the update after the day of the inaugaration of the falsely elected president Parkes said that because members of the Deep State had foreseen the possibility and they would have killed many people in some horrendous action, they refrained from the arrest. Apparently the white hats were outsmarted by the black hats, at least for now.

The army would be well aware of the fraudulent nature of the present administration and would not be too keen on working with the DC-administration. These arrests would now take place some time in the future. It now seems that the Biden-administration is in a mode of self-destruction by bombarding the American people with loads of decrees or executive orders; as if the Deep State is becoming more reckless by the day, exposing their true nature for the world to see. For one way or the other they seem to be in an awful lot of hurry.

Having said this I would like to direct your attention to something else Parkes has been saying and that relates to the way the Biden-administration is not getting the information it wants from the Pentagon on the contracts made with Saudi-Arabia: the pentagon doesn’t seem to want to give information on the military power of Saudi-Arabia. The reason that Parkes suggests is that Iran would want to start a war with Israel and that Saudi-Arabia’s weapons (for a large part from the US) would play an important role in the chances of Iran succeeding.

I really like Parkes and the way he talks. I also believe in his sincerity, but I have a hard time believing in the tale that Iran, Syria and Hezbollah are the bad guys in this narrative. I am far more inclined to believe that Saudi-Arabia and Israel are the bad guys than visa versa. The main reason for this is that I have been closely monitoring the events in Syria since 2011. The evidence is overwhelming that the the western world contributed heavily to the war in Syria by supporting the violent revolt against President Assad. The main reason for this support was to break the ‘Resistance’ between Hezbollah in Lebanon, Syria and Iran, for it would have become too strong and therefore a threat to Israel.

Q would have talked about Saudi Arabia being a Deep State player (1), but it also mentioned a secretive plan on a nuclear facility in Syria (2), which would have been destroyed by the precision attack on April 14, 2018.

What I find hard to swallow is that the Western agenda aimed at the destruction of Syria and eventually Iran (remember general Clarks words on taking down 7 countries by the US), is not a Deep State plan. If Iran is portrayed as an evil force aligned with China and Russia, looking for war with Israel, I get confused. In the past it has been Israel and Saudi-Arabia banging the war drums for a war on Iran, and not the other way round. So, what is this all about?


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