Social Distancing Disorder

In 2020 we are witnessing the rise of a new disorder, which has been coined ‘Social Distancing Disorder‘ (SDD). This disorder is characterized by a number of elements: people are afraid of everyone around them: they express that fear by staying away at least 1,5 meter from the other. They think that by doing that they help old people in nursing homes. They are often convinced that people who enter within this 1,5m zone deserve to be fined by a police officer.

Social Distancing Disorder – Prevalence increasing in 2020

This disorder was created by a massive global mediacampagne which in close alliance with the main stream media managed to create staggering covid19 death-counts. How did they go about such a feat?

Well, the key in their success was the manipulated use of the deaths of the old. That is: old people who were already suffering from one or more serious (often fatal) illnesses like all kinds of cancers, cardiovascular – and respiratory diseases were counted as coronadeaths. Through this method which is almost impossible to verify by the public, the distinction between ‘death by corona’ and ‘death with corona’ got lost.

Through this creative way of counting – which was enthusiastically recorded by the Rockefeller sponsored John Hopkins University – huge numbers of deaths could be attributed to this virus, which normally is not much different than the flu virus. A flu virus in 2016 led to more deaths, but the media and the government agencies did not focus on that then. Just imagine what it would do to a person if you would be bombarded with the number of deaths by the flu everyday for months in a row? That must sound strange even for people with Social Distancing Disorder.

To prevent people from recovering from SDD it is vital that all those who express another opinion are silenced including doctors and scientists. Thanks to the digital era it is very easy to remove youtube-accounts or facebookaccounts without giving another reason than ‘fake news’. In the main stream media there is hardly any room for a dissenting voice. If such an idea would be mentioned it is often mercilessly ridiculed. The media stand to gain by keeping the disorder as active as possible.

There was a period in the Dutch situation were the idea of group-immunity (often referred to as herd-immunity by the MSM) which is normally what happens with a flu in a number of months, was portrayed as the right approach, but combined with the ability of the health professionals to keep up with the number of patients. This approach was rapidly left behind by the introduction of the social distancing rule and a partial lockdown, which makes it hard to develop immunity at all. Silently the people were coerced into fighting the spread of the virus, instead of allowing the virus to spread in a controllable way.

The result of the campaign in the Netherlands was that people voluntarily locked themselves up, and avoided all contacts with family and friends, they allowed their mode of income to be endangered en they accepted that they could hardly go on any holidays, or go to a concert or a bar. The campaign by the government and the media has successfully managed to create Social Distancing Disorder in many people: they think that is a necessary approach to save the elderly. In the Netherlands symbols like a heart or a bear are used to, together with all kinds of commercials, which strengthen the idea that it is good thing to fear other people’s presence. All those who don’t adhere to these rules are regarded as bad persons who play with other people’s lives. They are even prepared to wear face masks even though the government had openly doubted their use from the very beginning.

The people with SDD want to have clean shopping carts before entering the mall, and they prefer one-way-directions in the shops themselves. They also like to be reminded of the normality of their disorder by seeing 1,5meter warnings all around them wherever they go.

‘Passeerplaats’ – Here’s a location in a shop where you are allowed to ‘overtake’.

To cure from Social Distancing Disorder is not easy, because of the perpetual repetitions by the media and the government agencies. They prefer to keep this disorder amongst the people because then they distracted citizens don’t have time to object to the creation of new (spying) laws.

Another mantra that is often repeated concerns the magical light at the end of the tunnel: a cure for the complete world: a miraculous vaccine by Pfizer, Merck or Glaxo Smith Cline. Even with such a vaccine in place, people with Social Distancing Disorder will probably find it hard to kick their deeply ingrained fear by the other: perhaps there is covid-20 already going around? Better be careful an hold on to Social Distancing: just to be sure. And never mind that we all teach our children that it is a good thing to fear other people because if they don’t grandma will die.

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